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Construction Dispute Resolution & Advocacy

Construction dispute resolution advocacy is one of our core practice areas.  At any given time, our firm is representing clients who are involved in millions of dollars of construction project disputes. For every dispute, HRB will put together a team of lawyers and paralegals who are best suited for the scale and complexity of the project and the dispute.  We know not all construction disputes are created equal. It takes an experienced advocate to develop the best strategy, and to find opportunities to resolve the dispute if possible, or put the best case forward at trial or arbitration if necessary. We choose our dispute resolution engagements carefully to make sure we avoid conflicts, while allowing our litigation teams to focus resources on particular projects and disputes.   We’ve learned how to manage construction disputes for efficiency, and the relationships we’ve built with other professionals allow us to work in our client’s best interest and focus on critical aspects of each case without wasting resources.

To discuss how HRB may be able to assist you in managing your dispute, please contact Todd A. Harpst or Joe Spoonster.

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