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Construction Defect & Contract Claims

Construction defect claims almost always involve litigation in some form, and such claims come with unique challenges that require a lawyer who understands construction means and methods, materials, engineering, insurance and related concepts in addition to being a good litigator. In many cases, construction defects implicate insurance coverage, and may involve declaratory judgment actions, as well as additional insured and general liability coverage claims.  Defect claims almost always involve multi-party indemnification claims, which are further complicated by the interplay between contract language, common law, and anti-indemnification statutes. Our lawyers are routinely involved with clients who are investigating, evaluating, pursing, or defending construction defect and associated contract claims, allowing us to constantly update our technical knowledge and stay versed in the latest litigation trends. HRB also has relationships with several insurance companies where we are engaged by them to defend their policy holders in construction defect suits. Our experience working cooperatively with insurance companies helps us to deliver the best legal services to their customers while staying complaint with carrier requirements.

To discuss how HRB may be able to assist you with a construction defect claim, please contact Todd A. Harpst.

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