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Construction Credit & Financing

During our years representing material suppliers and subcontractors, we have worked with them to address the unique challenges they sometimes face extending credit to their customers. This often involves the client agreeing to financing all or a portion of a specific project, or an entire development.  Financing is sometimes with cash, sometimes with part ownership, and sometimes with extended or customized credit terms that have to work within an existing project’s financing plan over which the client has no control.  Security agreements, collateral protection, joint check agreements, contingent payment clauses, and real estate concepts all come into play. If you are in the business of selling on credit or extending credit to a contractor, subcontractor or construction project owner, we can help you to evaluate specific transactions, and then prepare the documents necessary to protect your stake.

To discuss how HRB can assist you with construction credit and financing transactions, please contact Nick Horrigan.

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