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Construction Services

Construction law is one of HRB’s core services, and has been since the firm was founded.  On the front end we help clients with project planning, project delivery selection, contract negotiation and preparation, bonding and other legal issues.  Our lawyers know the industry standard manuscript contracts, and have developed custom construction contracts for clients at each tier of project delivery.  We know the risks and benefits of each delivery method, and we work closely with our clients to choose the best method to deliver their projects all things considered.  Our lawyers work with material suppliers on credit agreements for major projects, and we have helped subcontractors and suppliers write deals for custom project secured financing.  We have a lawyer who served on the drafting committee for one of the nationally recognized providers of manuscript contracts, and our construction lawyers work with and serve on advisory boards and committees of national and local construction industry trade associations, and teach at a local university.  We maintain business relationships with insurance brokers and bond providers, and can assist clients in obtaining needed services in these areas.

On the back end, we represent clients as their advocates in dispute resolution proceedings of all forms.  Our lawyers have litigated construction disputes in the United States district courts, state common pleas courts, appellate courts, AAA arbitration, private arbitration, and mediation settings.  Our lawyers are licensed in multiple states and federal court districts, and we maintain an active national construction practice, along with a network of construction lawyers to assist us in providing legal services to our clients in those states were local representation is necessary.  Whether our clients need to pursue a claim, or defend against one, our construction group will put together a team of experienced litigators that will focus their entire energy on achieving the best possible outcome for the client.

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