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Collections, Mechanic’s Liens & Bond Claims

HRB routinely counsels clients on payment rights, mechanic’s liens, and bond claims. We offer full client services to protect payment rights on a specific project, and act as your advocates in dispute resolution when necessary to pursue payment with legal action. These services include the preparation and filing of pre-lien notices, mechanic’s liens, attested account liens (public projects), prompt payment act claims, collection actions, payment bond claims, Miller Act claims, lien foreclosures, and related litigation, arbitration and mediation.

We have a national construction collections practice, and we maintain a network of lawyers and law firms with whom we work regularly in jurisdictions outside Ohio to assist us and our Ohio clients in getting paid for the work they do in other states. If you are an Ohio based construction business with projects in other states, we will assign an HRB lawyer to work with you directly and we will then manage your legal services through our network of lawyers to help protect your payment rights, and collect your money. This gives you the advantage of a single point of contact, without having to worry about coordinating legal services in multiple states. By learning your business, we can carefully direct the local legal services for efficiency and cost effectiveness, while the client gets the accountability and accessibility that come from having a single lawyer in charge of the engagement.

To discuss how HRB may be able to assist you with protecting payment rights, including mechanic’s liens, please contact Joe Spoonster.  To discuss how we can help you with your commercial collections, please contact Nick Horrigan.

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