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Business Services

Successful business operations are based on careful planning, attention to detail, and proper documentation. Whether your business is expanding to take advantage of new markets, or consolidating to meet customer needs more efficiently, HRB attorneys can help you determine the best way to structure your transactions and then properly document your agreements, corporate records, and other business documents. We work regularly with our clients on all manner of intra corporate transactions, stock re-purchase agreements, shareholder disputes, partnership disputes, close corporation agreements, buy-sell agreements, business succession planning and similar transactions. We also help our clients to negotiate, review and prepare legal documents for their business, such as commercial contracts, leases, licenses, NDA’s, employment contracts, employee non-compete agreements, purchase orders, credit agreements, financing documents and so on. As business lawyers, one of our core services is guiding our clients through business entity selection and formation, as well as governance and regulatory compliance: including corporate resolutions, by-law reviews, LLC operating agreements, and other corporate and entity record keeping requirements. We work frequently with out client’s other advisors, such as accountants, lenders and insurance professionals to provide legal counsel that integrates with the client’s overall business strategy.

For more information on HRB’s business services, please contact Monica Wallace.

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